Project Overview
For my major project I created a platform called Amplify, which aims to aid musicians in finding gigs and events in their local areas and beyond. Additionally, the platform allows event managers and organizers to scout for talent.
Why Amplify
I am passionate about both design and music so it would only befitting to create a platform for artists to potentially generate income from the work that they put so much passion into. Amplify will create a bridge between the two parties involved, allowing for communication, collaboration, and construction.
During my research I found that many artists do not make any money from their music due to oversaturation on online music sharing platforms. It is also hard to gain traction as an upcoming musician, thus making little to no income from the craft.

The concept of Amplify is a web-based platform optimized for large screens. The platform allows musicians to upload their music.
Amplify has a very linear structure for both parties involved.

There is a large amount of content that must be displayed on screen for the best user experience, this includes browsing sections, music profiles and filters. The users would not be able to experience these features' full potential on a small screen.